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Mobile money top of AirtelTigo agenda

By: Jessica Acheampong
Ms Roshi Motman (arrowed) interacting with some NCR executive members during the courtesy call.
Ms Roshi Motman (arrowed) interacting with some NCR executive members during the courtesy call.

AirtelTigo, after the merger, now has a wider range of customers and the new company intends to drive accessibility and liquidity to ensure that it becomes a viable option in the mobile money landscape.

The Chief Executive Officer of AirtelTigo, Ms Roshi Motman, said a key piece of the company’s strategy was mobile money, and it was therefore strategising to ensure that it stayed on top of its game.

“Another key piece of our strategy is going to be mobile money. Tigo Cash has a bunch of customers; Airtel Money has its customers and now we want to expand that footprint quite dramatically.”

“There are two things that are important from the customer perspective when it comes to mobile money, which is the accessibility, and agents having the liquidity to give out the money. We are going to be on top of our game so the business can thrive,” she said.

Ms Motman was interacting with members of the Network of Communication Reporters (NCR) during a courtesy call on the management of the company in Accra.

The company said it was currently in talks with some banks and people who were interested in driving the agenda of financial inclusion to inject some liquidity into the mobile money operations for its distributors.

Strategic decisions
Ms Motman said the company was currently in the process of taking strategic decisions to ensure that the company improves its coverage and gives customers an exciting experience.

“The coverage is very critical and how much rural presence we can have. Those are strategic decisions that are being made as we speak. What is happening as we speak is that the processes are being laid out. We want to bring an exciting experience to our customers,” she said.

She also explained that in terms of sales, the new company now has a lot of data centres and it would leverage on it effectively.

NCR courtesy call
Members of the NCR, a group of business and financial journalists with interest in the telecommunications sector led by its Dean, Mr Charles Benoni Okine, paid a courtesy call on the management of the company on January 18.

The meeting was to fraternise with the management of the company and to also seek clarity on related issues arising after the merger of the two companies.

One issue that dominated discussions has to do with employee-related issues after the merger but Ms Motman explained that the company was currently deliberating on such issues and it would ensure that all the issues were solved.

Mr Okine assured management of the company that the network would continue to engage with industry players to ensure that members reported accurately on issues in the sector.

“We like engaging because we believe that as professional journalists we don’t have to write one-sided stories, so through our network, we are able to get in touch with the players in the industry to give the public a balance and not create unnecessary confusion in the public domain,” he said. GB