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Samsung reposes confidence in economy

By: Maclean Kwofi
The new Samsung Galaxy A8+ has been launched unto the Ghanaian market
The new Samsung Galaxy A8+ has been launched unto the Ghanaian market

Samsung Electronics Ghana has reposed confidence in the economy after pledging to leverage on its exclusive cutting-edge products to further grow its market share in the Ghanaian market this year.

The Head of Retail and Marketing at Samsung Electronics Ghana, Mr Tetteh Akornor, who made the comment, said that was part of an aggressive plan announced earlier this year.

At the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A series, the 2018 Galaxy A8+ unto the Ghanaian market in Accra, he said the electronic appliance manufacturer had already deployed marketing strategy to market its new products in the country.

He said the company had recorded positive results with respect to sales last year and it was for that reason it was improving its brand visibility with the introduction of the Galaxy A series.

Touching on the functions of the new device, he mentioned that the Galaxy A8+ featured a dual front camera, a large infinity display and stunning ergonomic design that drew on Samsung’s flagship design heritage and experience.

“With additional everyday features, the Galaxy A series is more stylish, practical and convenient than ever before. With the release of the Galaxy A8+(2018), we are bringing our customers’ favourite features from our flagship smartphones, such as the infinity display and our first dual front camera with live focus, to our Galaxy A series, which is already known for its premium design. The Galaxy A8+(2018) exemplify our continued dedication to meeting the needs of our consumers by providing them with greater choice and convenience,” he said.

According to him, the device presents users with snap bright, clear selfies with the 16MP F1.7 rear camera and 16MP+8MP F1.9 dual front camera, no matter where you are or what you are doing. The dual front camera is made up of two separate cameras so you can switch between the two to take the type of selfie you want – from close-ups with the background to portrait shots with a clear and crisp background.

“And with the advanced live focus feature, you can easily adjust the effect before or after you take the picture to create high-quality images. From day to night, the advanced camera makes sure you capture sharp images, even in low-light conditions,” he added.

He said the new devices also allowed users to customise their photos with fun options, from adding stickers to selfie or highlighting a culinary extravaganza with food mode.

“Shaky video footage will be a thing of the past with video digital image stabilisation (VDis) technology and with an added hyperlapse feature, you can now create time-lapse videos that let you record, tell and share even longer stories,” he added.