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Oradian commences operations in Ghana – aims at improving financial inclusion

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Mr Onyeka Adibeli
Mr Onyeka Adibeli

As part of its efforts to promote financial inclusion in the country, Oradian has commenced operations in Ghana, with the deployment of its cloud based toolset.

The company was unveiled at a networking dinner in Accra which brought together a number of key players within the country’s savings and loans, and microfinance sectors, regulatory groups, financial inclusion experts, and fintech providers.

With its cloud based toolset, microfinance institutions, rural banks, savings and loans companies, cooperative societies in the country will now have the potential to improve access to financial services in unbanked communities in the country.

Speaking at the launch of the company, Co Founder and Head of Implementation, Mr Onyeka Adibeli said its aim was to make the work of microfinance institutions very easy and reach more customers in the rural areas.

He said its cloud-based core banking system (CBS) was making financial institutions more efficient and creating the capacity to serve more end-clients.
He said the company was bringing more people into the financial system by providing access to financial services.

 “With Oradian’s toolset, institutions can use the systems to reduce their operational costs and as a result, can reach out to more clients,” he stated.

“Efficient operations fuel our progress toward the mission of financial inclusion, which we share with our customers,” he added.

He said its CBS also enabled financial institutions to eliminate manual, pen and paper processes and move to digitize operations.

“By reducing the time spent on administration through digitization, financial institutions have more time to focus on their core competency: delivering financial services to clients in their communities,” he said.

About Oradian
Oradian is a financial inclusion company serving financial institutions in remote, hard-to-reach communities.

Using insights from its community of customers,  Oradian builds a cloud-based toolset that smart financial institutions plug into to access best practice and efficiency.

Its global community is made up of over 60 financial institutions in eight countries with a concentration in the Philippines and Nigeria.

Collectively, Oradian’s community of financial institutions provides access to financial services for over one million end-clients.