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Online space to take traditional markets by storm

By: Gifty Owusu Kwarteng
Participants at the jobberman white paper launch
Participants at the jobberman white paper launch

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jobberman Ghana, Mr Geoffery France, has said the use of the online space to trade is set to take over the traditional market.
That, he said, would help save customers the stress of moving round to purchase products, which is time-efficient and cost-effective. 

“From where I sit, online marketing is growing because people are now getting comfortable with the different E- transaction tools that we have, such as the mobile money, visa card, as well as the delivery systems we use in terms of dispatch,” he said at the launch of a white paper on how to keep millennials productive in the workplace.

It was on the theme: “Millennials and the digital marketplace” on January 30.

Mr France stated that due to the use of  mobile money for payments, customers were able to make payments for goods and services purchased within a short period of time. 

“Now you can purchase a product from your online portal and get it delivered to you or as a gift to someone, so it’s growing, and it’s growing because we have been able to bridge the payment gap. Customers can purchase at the comfort of their home and with our millennials coming on board, it will even grow better,” he added.

Online shopping - Major challenges
Mr France explained that security and authenticity of products were major challenges faced by online marketers.

He said people tended to lose trust in the market if people did not get exactly what they ordered, and that ultimately affected the brand.

“I think the main challenge will be security and authenticity of products. So where you see an item online and you order but you receive a different product when delivered, people tend to lose trust and have a negative perception towards the product,” he said.

He added that security in terms of payment was another challenge, and that was because when online marketers started to use different means for payment such as E-payment and card systems, people tended to hack the system.

“There are intelligent people who can hack into the system and use accounts of others to make purchases without their knowledge. When this happens then there is a problem, and this has been a great challenge,” he added.

Mr France stated that at Jobberman Ghana, one of the measures the company had put in place to bridge these challenges was education.

He said the company educated users of its platform not to pay money to anyone when applying for jobs.

He also added that the company, however, encouraged its customers that when applying for a role, they must look carefully at the job requirement because when they applied for jobs which did not meet their requirements, they would be denied of the job.

Subsequently, he said with regard to payment system, they were still looking out for security methods that could be employed.

“Now we have limited forms of payment systems, we use mobile money, bank transfers and then cash collection. These are the payment systems we find to be secure,” he said.

  He added that for a digital company such as Jobberman, they would always invest into new security technologies that continually aided them in bridging the payment and security gap.

Mobile app to ensure online security
Mr France revealed that they had introduced a Jobberman Ghana mobile app to ensure online security, which was accessible on Google playstore via the various computing devices.

“We have launched our download app which helps you access some of the questions we have on Jobberman platform,  which will aid you fill your profile and also get you a CV if you cannot write a CV or your CV is not professional,” he said. 

He added that due to security measures on the app, job listings are sieved from the website and after 14 days they go off from the website.