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Integrate your businesses with the power of social media • Brands urged

By: Daniel Ofosu Dwamena
Ms Naa Oyoo (standing) taking particpants through one of the breakout sessions on social media
Ms Naa Oyoo (standing) taking particpants through one of the breakout sessions on social media

A Senior Consultant at BluePalmDigital, a digital marketing agency, Ms Naa Oyoo Kumodzi, has called on businesses and brands  to integrate their businesses with the potentials of social media since it has become a powerful tool in a global competitive market.

She said brands that were already selling and transacting businesses on social media had placed their companies ahead of the market and their competitors who may have not or yet to center their businesses on the social media bandwagon.

She said this when she was moderating at the Social Media as a Strategic Communication Tool session of the 12th edition of the Festival of Ideas which was organised by Legacy & Legacy in Accra last Thursday, August 16.

The session was focused on the trends in social media technologies and how organisations could tap into these new technologies to grow their brands on the various social media platforms.

Speaking on some of the potentials that could be derived from using social media as a business strategy, Ms Kumodzi said a recent data collected by Facebook showed that Ghana was one of the countries that had a teaming number of people signing on to the WhatsApp application, and if they were used judiciously by companies and brands, they would achieve business success.

She said photos as video shots of brand’s commodities, for example, could be used as part of the content strategies which would ultimately aid a company to come up with the right price engagement strategy through the feedback that was received.

“All these are necessary to your social media strategy because once you identify what your strategy is, it is much easier to get your brand to go where you want it to go.”

“It is also easy to get people engaged to ask questions on sales and satisfaction with your services,” she said.

Some common mistakes
Ms Kumodzi admitted that though some customers could send negative feedbacks to a brand, it was in the capacity of the business to handle such a customer in a professional way in order not to lose the customer.

That, she said, developed interest and confidence in customers which could eventually connect other people to the brand’s portal.

“Handling issues professionally does not only increase your followers, they also portray a good image of your brand and that can help in optimising profit from good sales,” she added.

“Now, negative news sells very quick, so any mistake you do on social media, someone takes a short of it and goes viral. That alone can kill your brand.”

 “As a brand, it is very important in having a human voice, responding in a way that customers will know that their issues are being addressed.”

 Digital infrastructure 
Speaking at a different session at the conference, the Director for Business Solutions of Oracle Technology Systems Limited (OTSL), Mr Franklin Asare, urged the government to divert its resources into building digital infrastructure.

He said this following an observation that the new trend of the world’s economy was not being moved by industrialisation any more but by digital transformation.

The new trends, he said, included analytics, social, cloud computing and internet of things (IoT).

He added that the country was not witnessing these trends because there was not strong internet bandwidth and connectivity aided by digital infrastructure such as big data centers in the country.

“We cannot have internet of things when we do not have internet connectivity for senses to work. We cannot do detailed analytics, we will not do very well with blockchain since all these technologies mine their date from big data centers.

He said although the country had the capabilities to digitise, it lacked the capacity such as intellect and stable power.

“For instance, the government can help in harnessing the power systems in the country to the sun to power some of these centers in a cost-efficient way,” he noted.

He therefore called on the government and companies to take policy directives that would help skip the industrial era which was currently being witnessed in the country to the digital age or suffer extinction. — GB