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Accra Rehab Centre calls for ICT unit to train inmates

By: Lucy Mensah
Artist impressionb of the proposed ICT Unit
Artist impressionb of the proposed ICT Unit

The management of the Accra Rehabilitation Centre is calling for the construction of  an Information Communication Technology(ICT) training centre for inmates as technology is advancing rapidly in the country.

The manager of the centre said technology was reshaping everyday activity, therefore, inmates needed to be trained so as to adopt to the ever-growing ICT environment once they were out of the centre.

 “ICT has been introduced in every level of education, however, little or no improvement has been seen in special centres such as the rehabilitation centres in the country, maybe they are not seen as educational institutes, however, those that we admit here are of school age,” he added.

Mr Darlington stated that the centre had arranged for the construction of a new ICT centre which would provide training for inmates.

He, however, revealed that the centre was financially handicapped and needed support from the government, corporate bodies

 “Our current idea of having an ICT centre for the students is a cost on its own. I wish the various telecommunication networks in the country can come together and help us with an ICT centre”, he pointed out.

“Sometimes, when you are discussing potentials of ICT to the inmates, they do not have any idea because they do not have the opportunity to feel it or experience it practically”, he said. — GB