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2nd edition of Social Media Week launched

By: Daniel Ofosu Dwamena
Bright Ayaaba
Bright Ayaaba

The second edition of Social Media Week, an event that brings stakeholders in the digital media space to brainstorm on how to use social media as a tool to promote and develop businesses has been launched. 

The event, organized by Echo House Ghana would have resource persons from around the world who would be educating participants on various social media related issues, content creation, media in technology as well as social media for businesses. 

Addressing participants at the launch on September 10 at the Accra Mall, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Echo House Ghana, said this year’s edition was going to see discussion on how Africa could be part of the next generation of platforms such as Facebook, Alibaba and Amazon.

 “We are not going to discuss what exist and how we can leverage on it to get better but the discussion will be on how we can get to be part of the next generation of platforms,” he said.

He said though, Africans have signed on to several social media platforms, there was not even a single one that had its origin from the continent, therefore, the need to create content relevant to these platform and compete at par with other platforms in the western countries.

That, he said, would change the trend in social media ‘where we only work for the big digital platforms’.

Keynote address

Giving the keynote address, the Mayor of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Mr Mohammed Adjei Sowah said social media has helped to give opportunity to institutions and businesses to broadcast certain information that needed to be heard by the public.

That, he said, helped people to better understand the real issues and some positive information that may have been miscommunicated.

“We at the AMA want to be able to tell our own story, so we have created social media handles where other online media portals also take contents from,” he said.

 He explained that there were positive news in the metropolis that needed to be heard by the public, however, most of the time, the public relied on the traditional media outlasts to know some of the happenings in the metropolis.

Social media, he said, would help to provide information that was in favor of the metropolis to make people better understand real issues in the city.

“I manage my own handles on social media so I put things that I am in favor of, especially, things that may not be reported by the traditional media,” he explained.

Mr Sowah added that social media gave real time information because there was a lot happening.

“Every time something happens we put the information out there, people get it and respond to it. That’s what social media is all about,” he said.

He therefore commended the organizers of the weeklong celebration, stating that the forum would help people get a better understanding of what social media was.

He also took the opportunity to disclose that there was going to be the launch of an Accra Beautification Project next week where the assembly would be undertaking a greening exercise throughout Accra.