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GIFEC explores funding options to sustain projects

By: Jessica Acheampong

THE Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC) is exploring other strategic partnerships to raise additional income to support and sustain its projects.

The Chief Executive (CEO) of GIFEC, Mr Abraham Kofi Asante, explained that although GIFEC was not a commercial entity, it needed to sustain its projects and it, therefore, constantly looked for business models to generate additional income.

GIFEC, he said, was in the process of establishing links with different entities to make use of its Community Information Centres (CICs) to offer services that would generate income aside the traditional funding sources.

“We will use our CIC to do business. For example, if you want to do any secretarial work and you come to the CIC, we can offer you space. As we offer you the space and you do your business, we generate money to pay the bills and keep the place going,” he said at a media engagement in Accra. 

Is VAR the right direction for fair football?

By: Daniel Ofosu Dwamena

News of how the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) took centre stage in the just-ended 2018 World Cup in Russia was reported in last two week’s edition of the paper.

Throughout the tournament, the use of VAR technology generated interesting debates, with its place in the game being openly questioned following a series of controversial decisions.

The tournament is over, and the technology is in no way going to be swept under the carpet because it was unanimously approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) to be included in the Laws of the Game, and would be in use on a larger scale in major tournaments across the world.

The adoption of the technology is to support the decision-making processes of referees in the event of clear and obvious errors, as well as seriously missed incidents.

MainOne pledges to promote ICT innovation

By: Maclean Kwofi

The General Manager of MainOne Ghana, Mr Angelo Govina, has pledged his outfit’s commitment to accelerate efforts to promote innovation in information technology.

That, he said, was part of its continued effort to collaborate with the government to help promote innovation and entrepreneurship in ICT in the country.

The expo was on the theme: “Enhancing Economic Prosperity through Retail Technology and Financial Inclusion.”

Mr Govina lauded the event as an industry platform that aggregated ICT investors and enthusiasts, helping to harness ICT tools, skills and innovations to support job creation, engender investment, provide solutions to societal challenges and propel socio-economic transformation at a faster pace.

5G network to rollout in 2018 – Ericsson predicts

By: Daniel Ofosu Dwamena

The Ericsson Mobility Report for June 2018 has predicted the rollout of the first 5G network as well as large-scale deployments of cellular Internet of Things (IoT) by the end of the year.

Attaining this milestone would require the combined effort of industry players and the telecommunications sector regulators to align on spectrum, standards and technology.

According to the report, cellular IoT, which involves connecting people and things with the aid of smart devices,  was growing faster and had informed future predictions of the changes likely to take place in the industry.

“By 2023, around 3.5 billion cellular IoT connections would be recorded,” the report suggested.

It said the growth was set to impact industries and businesses across many different markets.

‘Ghana is the future of Africa': Why Google built an AI lab in Accra

By: Graphic Business

I was not wrong; a lot of what Google does is to push the boundaries of human knowledge through research and discovery.

It is that curiosity that has led them to create some of the most widely used technology platforms in the world today and also made them the custodian of most of the data about almost anything in the world.

Google has also now declared itself an “Artificial Intelligence first,” company and that statement is potentially going to change everything we know fundamentally. It will almost certainly change how we live.

This change will also resonate for us in Africa; Google just recently announced that Africa is getting a Google Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and that is just the beginning. The lab will be run by Moustapha Cisse, a Senegalese AI champion and expert.