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Eni Ghana holds Business and Market Fair in Sanzule

By: Business Desk Report

Eni Ghana has held the maiden edition of the Business and Market Fair in Sanzule, Western Region.

The fair showcased agricultural products and other services issued from businesses developed under the Livelihood Restoration Plan (LRP), Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP’s) US$3.9million project to diversify the local economy.

A release issued by the company on November 11 said participants displayed crops, livestock and manufactured goods including pigs, live spent layers and crates of fresh eggs, bread and bakery goods, vegetables, furniture, soap, clothing, shoes and sandals and other products.

The Managing Director of Eni Ghana, Mr Roberto Daniele said “i wish to praise the LRP beneficiaries for their hard work and commitment and their willingness to create a sustainable and vibrant business environment.

We will continue to support them to ensure new businesses can thrive and economic diversification become a reality that benefits the community as a whole.”

LRP beneficiaries consist of approximately 1,400 people from 205 households. Under the program and with the support of Eni Ghana, beneficiaries chose livelihood options and received training and support to start new businesses.

Options included livestock comprising poultry, catfish, piggery, sheep; technical and vocational including hairdressing, dressmaking, welding, carpentry, masonry, shoemaking as well as value addition which focused on bakery, fish processing, cold store, maize and cassava processing.

Those who chose the cropping option had support for cassava, vegetables cultivation and service in motor tricycle, canopies, mattress, plastic chairs, barbering, decoration and satellite TV installation.

LRP is part of a broader community investment strategy developed by Eni Ghana together with OCTP partners Vitol and Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) to positively impact the communities, and endowed with an overall investment of US$22M.

Eni is Operator of the OCTP Integrated Oil&Gas Development Project (Eni 44.44%, Vitol 35.56%, GNPC 20%), which puts in production the oil and non-associated gas of the Sankofa and Gye Nyame reservoirs.

The release added that Ghana was among key countries for Eni’s organic growth. The company has been present in the country since 2009 and accounts currently a gross production of about 70,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.