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Coalition advocates capacity building for GRA/NCA officials

By: Lucy Mensah

THE Tax Justice Coalition has called on the Ministry of Communication to invest in the technical capacity of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the National Communications Authority (NCA) to effectively monitor and supervise the revenues from the telecommunication companies instead of awarding a contract to a private entity to do so.

The Coalition believes the GVGkelni deal was not in the best interest of the country because it did not provide value for money.

“The best way taxpayers money can be useful is to invest in the technical capacity of Ghana Revenue Authority and the National Communications Authority for long-term monitoring and supervision, as well as assisting in the fight against embezzlement of state funds,” the coalition pointed out.

This was contained in a press release that was copied to the GRAPHIC BUSINESS.

The coalition also expressed its disappointment at how funds were misused in the country without considering the effort of the taxpayers money.

It said any national development project must have value for money at its core.

Ghana Beyond Aid
The Coalition also called on the government to put the ‘’Ghana Beyond Aid’’ initiative to action for the betterment of the whole country, adding that it was about time government laid out a clear strategy and productive measures to roll out this initiative.

“A greater portion of our resources for development does not come from aid but from hard earned taxes,” it stated.

“We recognise the effort by government to raise revenue for national development but we believe this must be done justly and in the interest of Ghanaians,’’ it added.

The Coalition, which is also Co-Chair of Sustainable Development Goals, said: “Our President has duty to demonstrate efficient use of domestic resource to achieve SDGs. The President has singular duty to ensure that hard earned domestic resources are not dissipated just for procurement reasons but for overall benefit and success of Ghana.”

The Coalition is, therefore, calling on government to introduce a system and software that will enable proportional distribution of taxpayers’ money for the benefit of all citizens.

“We are now calling on the government to take serious view of issues to abrogate the GVGkelni contract to save money and build on institutions. This, will boast the confidence and trust of the general public that national resources are being used judiciously,’’ the Coalition said.