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Supporting economic transformation agenda paramount— Taichiga investors

By: Jessica Acheampong
Ms Jeffy Nachipim,CEO of Taichiga, addressing the media
Ms Jeffy Nachipim,CEO of Taichiga, addressing the media

A CONSORTIUM of investors from China and Thailand have reiterated their commitment to support the economic transformation agenda of the country.

Known as Taichiga, the group will leverage on the technology and capabilities of the investors to help accelerate development in various sectors of the economy, starting with the mining sector.

The Projects Coordinator of Taichiga, Mr Samuel Suleman, said the company had a vision for Ghana and had subsequently mobilised a group of investors who were ready to support the economy and invest over US$3 billion.

He said the focus for the investors was to use technology to transform mining in the country with environmentally friendly systems to ensure that mining activities benefited the country.

“Taichiga will introduce new mining technology in Ghana to improve the mining sector without harming the environment,” he added.

He also explained that “China used to be a poor country, but for over 40 years they have transformed to one of the economic powers of the world. They want to bring those techniques to help Ghana in its transformation agenda.”

Vision for mining sector
Mr Suleman said Taichiga would assemble all foreign nationals, especially those from China and Thailand, to practise environmentally friendly mining.

The company has already invested about US$100 million in the mining sector in various concessions, including the Teresil Company Limited in the Ashanti Region.

It will also rely on an innovative two-kilometre deep mining technology and has plans to acquire 10 other mines across the country.

“Our Director, Mr Yu Siuwai, has 20 years of mining experience with two-kilometre deep mining technology. This is the kind of technology we are bringing to Ghana,” he said.

He added that the Chairman of Taichiga, Mr Sun Shaozhang, runs a machinery company that manufacturers the mining equipment that can go deep.

“Y-ZING manufactures equipment and machinery for small-scale industries and for that matter their intention to support the economy of Ghana is to manufacture some of the machinery that we need for our small-scale industries, especially the One District, One Factory that the government has rolled out. We have had discussions with government agencies,” he said.

Local content
The Chief Executive Officer of Taichiga, Ms Jeffy Nachipim, said the company would also provide employment opportunities for locals in their areas of operations, as well as provide needed support to the communities. It is estimated that employment opportunities will be 500 to 1,000.

She further explained that the investors would focus on deep mining using latest technology, hence there would be less environmental impact in the areas of operations.

“We do not destroy farmlands and water bodies with the kind of mining we do. Farmers can still do their farming at our mining sites without having any effect and all we need is the support of Ghanaians,” she noted.