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Youth urged to make right career choices

By: Gifty Owusu Kwarteng
Members of IAA, AAG and students from various tertiary institutions in a group photograph after the seminar

THE Vice-President of the International Advertising Association (IAA), Mr Joel Nettey, has urged the youth to pursue careers they are passionate about and not because they are forced to do so.
“Be a banker because you want to and not because your mother thinks so or you think it is prestigious to work in the bank and so you will work there regardless of what you are doing in that bank.”
“Rather, end up in a career, whether it is teaching, nursing, banking, advertising, piloting, medicine, among others, because you have the passion for it and because you want to succeed”, he said during a seminar held as part of the Advertising Week celebration on the theme: ‘Career Opportunities in Advertising,’ on October 16, 2018 at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) in Accra.

He explained that “to get into the advertising industry, you do not need a particular degree, even though getting trained in marketing or marketing related areas really helps.”
Mr Nettey noted that the most critical elements needed in order to succeed in advertising were commitment to bring out the best in any job, love for the job and being ethical.
“The most critical elements that one needs to succeed in the advertising industry are determination – the ability to bring your A-game to every single opportunity, passion and right attitude,” he stated.
 He added that the youth should be ready to be hardworking and persistent in all their dealings, saying “the people you are seeing today didn’t get to their various positions on a silver platter. If you are able to go through the process that these people went through, chances are that you may end up succeeding and even becoming better than they are, but there is no substitute for the youth wanting to go through the basics.”
He also advised the students to walk into careers with the attitude that they were committed to the basics, they were passionate about it and would learn to be the very best.

Lack of volunteerism
 Mr Nettey tasked the youth to volunteer, make use of internships, networking opportunities and also attend educative seminars to learn more and build their capacities.
 He added that even though working as volunteers might not be easy, it would give them the necessary skills, experience and exposure to the job market.
 “What I have seen is that nobody is willing to do anything for free even when they can afford, so there is no volunteering work anymore. When students are able to volunteer to work, they get the experience and exposure which will help shape their minds on what they wish to do, moving forward,” he said. — GB