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Students urged to adhere to good standards

By: Gifty Owusu Kwarteng
Panellists addressing graduate students in the seminar
Panellists addressing graduate students in the seminar

THE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA), Professor Alex Dodoo, has urged students to stand for the truth by adhering to good standards as they venture into the job market.
“Standards enforce trust. When you have standards, you know consistently that whatever you do, wherever you do it, will lead to the same outcome and wherever you have standard, trust is enforced and so standard is needed. It is not about what people say but what they do,” he said.

Speaking at the World Quality Day organised by the School of Graduate Studies, University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), on November 8, dubbed: The Role of Leaders in Building Trust –based Quality Culture, Professor Dodoo said the GSA, together with the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), would not compromise on the quality services they offered to the public, saying that “quality is not negotiable.”
 “I am hoping to see that this world quality day celebration will mark a change of mindset. The philosophy is important. Most students here are pursuing this course because of the salary but that shouldn’t be the case. It is about a belief you need to push for everything,” he added.

Measures to be considered
He also advised the graduate students to pay critical attention to some elements at their work places, moving forward.
Prof. Dodoo said the measures to consider should provide answers to questions such as: “Are the systems quality? are the standards used consistent? are they independent? are they fair? would you stand for? would you fight for or would you die for it?”
He explained that when those elements were considered in their various work places and also if they stood for their values, a lot of difference would take place in their various organisations to uphold productivity.
“We are committed to this country. We believe in one thing, that is, the truth should stand, and that is quality is not negotiable. We will not compromise and will ensure that what we must do is done,” he said.
Prof. Dodoo tasked the students to question everything that “goes on around them by ensuring that the standards are consistent.”
He also asked them to probe into issues regarding quality, and by extension, standards.

The way forward
He also cautioned the students to be extra vigilant and not compromise on quality standards as the country looked to be a ‘Ghana Beyond Aid.’
“The quality of products, processes and services, including educational services, will not be compromised, which means that our schools should be standardised and the quality must be consistent and there must also be men and women who will make a change in the days of our time,” Prof. Dodoo stated. — GB