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Sani-Amanzi helps to improve access to safe water

By: Jessica Acheampong

Global providers of rural point-of-use water sanitation solutions to disadvantaged communities, Scientific Sanitation Solutions, is set to help improve access to safe water for households, especially in rural communities in the country.

Through its flagship product known as Sani-Amanzi, the company is already partnering non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to make the product available for use in Ghana after four years of use in Nigeria.

Sani-Amanzi is a technical and scientific formula and is packaged in a four gram sachet and will sanitise contaminated water in quantities of 20 litres. 

The Managing Director of Scientific Sanitation Solutions (SSS), Mr Victor Adendorff, in an interview at an exhibition to demonstrate the efficacy of the product said it was time for safe drinking water to become a reality to people in remote areas and that was what Sani-Amanzi would offer.

“The core function of Sani-Amanzi is to sanitise water highly contaminated with pathogenic bacteria in specific rural areas where safe drinking water is not available,” he explained.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), every minute, a newborn died from infection caused by lack of safe water and an unclean environment.

He said the product had an advantage of being the first with a real point-of-use water sanitation solution.

“Sani-Amanzi will be the undisputed leader in providing a practical point-of-use water sanitation solution. It is a uniquely designed non-chlorine ‘point-of-use’ water sanitation product,” he added.

Mr Adendorff added that the company’s research and development team ensured that the innovations were technologically straight forward, consisting of off-the-shelf ingredients put together in a product design that was highly effective in the sanitation of water.

“We collaborate with the best minds in the medical and science sector to ensure that our life-saving formulas are safe for human consumption”, he stated.

The product
Mr Adendorff noted that it was effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria and killed a large variety of pathogenic bacteria.

The design of the product includes an innovative reagent which is inorganic in origin and is composed of natural, non-polluting substances whose raw materials are organic minerals

Some of the ingredients are charged and acts as a detoxifier and can improve the body’s pH balance. Sani-Amanzi is safe for human consumption.

Water treated with Sani-Amanzi remains sanitised for 48 hours and reduces and destroys salmonella, shigella and cholera in the water. It is also partly natural and non-chlorine.
Safe consumption
The Regional Manager (West Africa), Sani-Amanzi, Ms Iye Hassan, said the effects on climate change were making people more conscious of what they consumed, especially the water that they drank.

“We are at a point where climate change is affecting everything and people are even scared to drink tap water. We have the solution that kills bacteria and treats contaminated water to make it safe for consumption.
It kills 99 per cent of every bacteria that it sees in water. It makes the water safe for you to drink. It is not just something that cleans the water, it kills the bacteria as well,” she said in a separate interview at the exhibition.

The company, she said, introduced the product four years ago in their regional countries but just got the certification by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in Ghana.

“We started about four years ago but we just got our FDA certification in Ghana. The product has also been tested in Kenya, Zambia and in South Africa, where our parent company is located,” she noted.