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Rotaract Club of Accra-Labone builds 4-seater bio digester toilet •Donates other teaching and learning materials to another school

By: Suad Yakubu

The Rotaract Club of Accra-Labone has handed over a completed four-seater biodigester toilet to Tsame E.P. Primary School. A water tank, blackboard drawing instruments and graph board were also donated for Blengo E.P. Primary School. 

Both schools are in Peki, Volta Region. These activities were in commemoration of the flagship Farmers’ Day Project of Rotaract Accra-Labone.

At the handing over ceremony in Peki, the President of the Rotaract Club of Accra-Labone, Albert Amekudzi announced that the club will in the near future connect water to Blengo E.P. Primary School.

Mr. Amekudzi added that the materials were to improve teaching and learning as well as improve the sanitation and health conditions of pupils for a holistic education as they prepare for the future.

At Tsame E.P. Primary School, the Club President urged the school to maintain the facility to ensure that the lifespan of the toilet facility which is estimated at 20 years is achieved.

The Headmistress of Tsame E.P. Primary School, Mrs. Delight Worlasi Apati Boamah in her speech eulogized “a noble association like the Rotaract Club of Accra-Labone” for taking off such a hefty burden off their shoulders.

In her emotional address, she said, “Over the years, my Kindergarten (K.G) pupils and the entire primary pupils have dealt with numerous challenges anytime the need to ease themselves arose. With no option, some had to go home even in the middle of lessons just to get comfort. This greatly affected academic work. We have appealed to agencies, corporate bodies and individuals to help solve this problem, but disappointment has always received our letters.”

Further Request
Mrs. Boamah further requested for a fence wall to protect the pupils from running into the main road.

She noted that the K. G. department is close to the main road, hence exposing the pupils to great danger adding that teachers have to leave all other duties just to keep watch over the pupils whenever they were on break.

At Blengo E.P. Primary School, the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Anthony Attah-Sorgbedzah thanked the club and also requested for other playing ground materials for the pupils as well as water connection to the school.

“These pupils fetch water from my house each day but this is not sustainable; it is therefore important for us to get water connected to the school since we now have a water tank to store water,” he said.

Farmers’ Day Project
Farmers’ Day Project is an annual project of Rotaract Club of Accra-Labone where the club identifies a project in any community in the country and support the community members to solve it. The project is normally handed over or executed on the first Friday of each December, hence the name Farmers’ Day Project.

This year, the club, from a community assessment identified the two basic schoolsto support. The schools submitted their list of needs in order of priority and based on their request, the club decided to support them.

The club completed a toilet facility for Tsame E.P. Primary School by providing them with a four-seater biodigester toilet and donated water tank, blackboard drawing instrument and graph board to Blengo E.P. Primary School.

The projects were under two of Rotary International’s focus areas, Basic Education and Literacy as well as Water and Sanitation.