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Max International marks three years in Ghana - Paid over GH₵60 million to associates

By: Emmanuel Bruce
Mr Joe Voytickyj
Mr Joe Voytickyj

Max International Ghana, producers of wellness and weight-loss supplements and products, has marked its three years of operations in Ghana, with its Chief Executive Officer, Mr Joe Voytickyj, disclosing that the company has paid over GH₵60 million as commission to its associates who market the products.

He said the introduction of the company’s business in the country had provided life transforming business opportunities to Ghanaians, especially the youth.

“After more than 30 years of scientific research, the company had the responsibility of making its products available to improve the quality of lives of people in all parts of the world including Africa and also provide an opportunity for the youth to make money by marketing our products,” he stated.

Mr Voytickyj, speaking in an interview with media after the company’s third anniversary celebration in Accra, said the it had also provided training and support to its associates.

He said the company had created many sales and educational materials customarily designed for associates at all levels of experience to champion the company’s dreams across the globe.

“At Max International, people can make more than money as we provide three primary benefits thus a chance to improve health, enhance your wealth and achieve more through personal development,” he stated.

“We expect to grow over the next two years and be paying over GH₵500 million to our associates. The opportunity is real and people have to take advantage of it. We currently have about 30,000 associates in Ghana,” he noted.

He said the company was committed to providing all of its associates with the resources they needed to build a successful business.

He however added that “you have to start small and need a big drive to succeed because there is going to be more things that you have to do to ensure long term success.”

He also pointed out that the success and the impact that the product has had on people’s health had been unbelievable because that was the basis of their business.

The CEO therefore urged the associates to continue to work with the company and build their partnership.

“As we build it, it’s going to provide more opportunities,” he said.

Deepening footprints in Ghana

Mr Voytickyj also disclosed that the company was embarking on an expansion drive as it intends to open three more branches by 2018.

This is aimed at expanding the reach and footprints of the company to the other regions in the country.

“We have opened up offices in Kumasi, and Sunyani, making it four offices in Ghana now and we expect that we will end up with seven offices by next year,” he mentioned.

“We want to have offices throughout the country. We want see Max international everywhere within the next two years. We want to have over 60 offices and cover every region, making our products available to everyone,” he said.

Mr Voytickyj also pointed out that its operations in Ghana had helped it expand into Nigeria and Cote D’ivoire.

About Max International

Max International Ghana is the producer of Glutathione enhancement products which are aimed at empowering people around the world to experience better health, success and significance.

Mr Voytickyj said the company had offered nutrition that was not available in Africa or Ghana until now, and that they were embarking on massive expansion in Africa.

He said the company was currently present in three countries in Africa and 15 countries in other parts of the world.