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GRA to track traders at night • Move to rope them into tax net

By: Daniel Kenu
Mr Edward Aggrey-Fynn
Mr Edward Aggrey-Fynn

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is to begin night duties from next month to track those who engage in economic activities at night to pay taxes.
The authority said as a way of evading taxes, some businesses had changed their modus operandi by pushing most of their activities into the night. A Principal Revenue Officer in charge of Warehousing at GRA in Kumasi, Mr Edward Aggrey-Fynn, told journalists in Kumasi during a soirée last Friday night that the operation would be broad to embrace everybody that needed to be in the tax net.

The expanded activity will also cover night clubs and those who ply their trade by the roadsides.
The widening of the tax net is one of two main projects the GRA intends to roll out by the middle of the year.
The second project, according to Mr Aggrey-Fynn, who stood in for the Sector Commander, Mr Fred Yankey, was the electronic filing of tax returns.
He said the authority, realising that people felt reluctant to join long queues to file for their returns, was rolling out the electronic way of doing so.
It will enable businessmen to do so from the comfort of their homes.
"The two projects will help expand the tax net, track defaulters, block leakages and increase revenue," Mr Aggrey-Fynn said.
Mr Aggrey-Fynn commended the region for exceeding its target for the year 2018 by 12.5 per cent.
The target for last year was GH¢578.25 million. At the national level, however, the authority fell short of its target by 5.5 per cent.
From a target of GH¢39.82 billion, it was able to rake in GH¢37.63 billion.
This year, the national revenue target is GH¢45.4 billion while the Kumasi Customs Division has GH¢751,390 to raise, which is about a 50 per cent increase from last year's target.
TIN/Tax Stamp

The Officer in charge of the Asokwa Medium Tax Office, Mr Samuel Sakyi-Duodu, urged Ghanaians to take the campaign to register for their Tax Identification Number (TIN) because it was the lynch-pin around which every national documentation revolved.
He said while encouraging people to visit any of its offices to register, attempts were also being made to visit notable offices to aid in that regard.
Mr Sakyi-Duodu also mentioned that the campaign for all manufactured products to have the tax stamp would be intensified to ensure that all goods were wholesome.