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Gavac Business Solutions launches employee verification platform

By: Gifty Owusu Kwarteng

GAVAC Business Solutions (GBS) has launched its first ultimate employee verification platform, called the Emp- Verify.  
The platform, which can be accessed through an application on the internet, is to help human resource (HR) practitioners to get easy access to employee details and as well ensure validity of the information provided.
The Emp – Verify application will serve as a checkpoint where employees information can be detected and also build credibility for business and institutions.

At the launch, the Director of Financial Stability, Bank of Ghana (BOG), Dr Joseph France, said integrity in the financial system was important not only at the micro level but also at the macro level. There is, therefore, the need to do regular checks to prevent fraud cases in the country.  
Benefit of Emp-Verify 
The Former Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Mr Jim Baiden, for his part, highlighted the benefit that could be derived from the employee verification platform.
He said it was an innovation that everyone must embrace, it would be a Ghanaian institution and everyone must be proud of it.
Mr Baiden stated that EMP-Verify would be an employee reference point where HR practitioners could get all the details they needed concerning their employees and in terms of employment, as well as ensuring the validity of information.
He further explained that for Gavac to work, many employers must subscribe to Gavac EMP- Verify by sending all their employee information to Gavac.
Mr Baiden said: “Before Gavac will disseminate any information, we seek the permission of both the employer and the employee. The system is well structured not to disseminate information recklessly,” he added.
He stated that EMP–Verify would help detect all employees who used dubious means to gain employment.
“Let us outsmart the criminals and flash them out of the system,” he said.   
Mr Baiden, however, urged Ghanaians to come on board to support Gavac to establish a very credible business that could serve the financial industry moving forward.
“Ghana is made up of a lot of employers and employees; we need to work in collaboration with all of them to furnish our workplace with credible employees and people we can trust,” he added

Emp- Verify to cease fraud cases
The Director General, Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Mrs Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo–Danquah, said when there were measures to check the level of crime in the country, people would watch what they do and conform to what was right.
Mrs Addo- Danquah explained that Emp-Verify would help cease fraud cases happening in the country, which would help minimise the rate of corruption in the country.  —GB