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Empower women to propel growth in Africa

By: Kester Aburam Korankye
Some participants at the summit in Accra
Some participants at the summit in Accra

THE First Lady of Sierra Leone, Mrs Fatima Jabbe-Bio has called on African governments to focus on eliminating obstacles hindering the development of women on the continent.  

She said women; especially girls in Africa were faced with age–old challenges that had been ignored over the years, including child marriages, child prostitution and teenage pregnancy which had hindered the development and empowerment of women.

“The slavery we are creating for ourselves is ignoring the fact that we have huge numbers of teenage girls who are becoming pregnant before they finish their education and we need to look at child prostitution and child marriages,” she said.

Mrs Fatima Jabbe-Bio — First Lady of Sierra Leone speaking at the Summit

Mrs Fatima Jabbe-Bio, who was speaking at th<

“We have to empower women and young girls and address these issues because if we don’t address these issues we can’t achieve the developmental goals such us reducing infant mortality and we could have all the resources but our continent will remain poor,” she said.

Summit focus
The summit was a platform set to sensitise and prioritise the United Nation’s agenda on the equality and empowerment of women and young girls.

It was a gathering of distinguished women and from various social, professional, academic and entrepreneurial backgrounds and served as a vehicle to promote and develop initiatives that empower and encourage investment for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world with a specific focus on Africa.

The Managing Director of Media Majique and Research Systems Limited, Mr Reginald Daniel Laryea who was the chairman of the occasion in an address to the gathering said women were the cornerstone of socio-economic development in all African countries and needed to be empowered to continue championing the development of the continent. 

Focus on education
The Founder and President of 40 Roses Foundation, Ms Penelope Jones-Mensah, who is also a Co Founder of GWESES encouraged governments on the continent to pay attention to investing in the education and development of girls.

She said as a matter of urgency, education must be made accessible to both advantaged and the disadvantaged girls on the continent to empower them and alleviate their families out of poverty.

“All our girls, both the privileged and under-privileged must be given equall access to eduction and this will enable them fulfill their full potential so today I invite you  all to actively bring your best ideas as we deliberate on how best we can individually and collectively build and invest in our capacity to grow, “she said.   — GB