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DTGH to take stock of activities: Celebrates 5-year milestone

By: Maclean Kwofi
Dr Gordon Adomdza addressing the media

A firm that adopt solution-based approach to solve problems, Design Thinking Ghana Hub (DTGH) has launched its fifth anniversary in Accra to take stock of its contribution to the growth of businesses in the country.

The celebration will also chart a new path on how the DTGH can explore new ways to provide business strategic support of innovation for businesses.

Design Thinking Ghana Hub is made-up of a group of professionals who use design perspective to problem-solving in developing new ideas, products and services for businesses.

In an interview at the launch of the anniversary on March 5 in Accra, a Co-Founder of the company, Dr Gordon Adomdza, said the hub for the last five years have engaged and helped entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations from different industries through training and consulting support.

"This year, 2020, marks five years of operating in Ghana. As a group of professionals that take a design perspective to problem-solving in developing new ideas, products and services for businesses, we want to see businesses grow and achieve successful outcomes through the design thinking approach."

DTGH’s inception

Since its inception in 2015, Mr Adomdza said DTGH has proffered exceptional growth and development to businesses, it had worked with to have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

He explained that the company works collaboratively with its clients to assess their business problem space, customer needs and efficiently apply design thinking concept to create sustainable solutions for clients.

"As a problem-solving training consultant, DTGH has consulted for organisations such as the Kosmos Innovation Centre (KIC), where each year, participants of the programme are trained to apply the design approach in the development of their agribusiness solutions.

"We have also worked with MTN Ghana, where we trained their customer care supervisors and high performing agents define their current perspective of customer service and construct a path of innovation from that perspective considering current socio-cultural evolution.

"Further, we have engaged teams from different departments of Stanbic Bank Ghana to re-strategise and help them develop new products and services.

"Additionally, DTGH has also engaged BIMA Ghana, Reach for Change, Oxfam, Innohub and other many organisations in their business training, product positioning and customer development," he said.

DTG conference

Beyond consulting and training, Dr Adomdza noted that the hub over the last four years have hosted the annual Design Thinking Ghana Conference (DTGC).

“The Design Thinking Ghana Conference (DTGC) is Africa’s premier Design Thinking conference which happens in June every year. This year, 2020, marks the fourth year of the conference.

“The conference series brings together experts and industry leaders from different industries who are using the design thinking approach one way or the other,” he said.

He said the goal of the conference was to bring attention to design thinking as a strategic problem solving and innovation approach.

The conference, he said was also to help create a platform for presentations on the application of design thinking methodology in industries.