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BIMA Ghana launches new insurance policies

By: Gifty Owusu Kwarteng
Mr Damien Gueroult, Country Manager, BIMA Ghana
Mr Damien Gueroult, Country Manager, BIMA Ghana

BIMA, the leading provider of mobile delivered health and insurance services has unveiled new policies  to help improve the lives of its customers and Ghanaians in the informal sector.

The new policies, B-Health and B-life insurance, which is aimed at providing a cover of up to GH¢10, 000 for customers, are targeted at improving the pattern of insurance in the informal sector, as well as lower income recipients.

Speaking at the launch of the new products on April 24 in Accra, the Country Manager of BIMA Ghana, Mr Damien Gueroult said the company had been operating in Ghanaian since 2010 and was geared towards providing access to insurance for the informal sector and people who did not have access to insurance.

He explained that the launch of the products was one of his outfit’s steps to improve on their services in their pursuit to provide quality and accessible services for the dedicated Ghanaian market.
“I think the launch of B- Health and B-Life is one of the steps for us to bring new products as we seek to provide our dedicated market with quality and accessible services,” he said.

He added that as Ghana is developing, the line between undeserved and well- deserved customers becomes boarder, hence the need to look out for major things customers looked out for in order to meet their demand.
“ As Ghana is developing, the line between undeserved and well deserved customers become broader so we just looked at what Ghanaian customers wanted, so we had an extensive research which found out the point they look out for when they go to the hospital and what they expect an insurance company to do for them, “he stated.

Mr Damien Gueroult stated that from the early stages, Ghanaians  failed to accept these innovation due to some level of mistrust particularly in the informal sector as a result of past experiences.

He added that people in the informal sector were mostly illiterate, therefore, accepting insurance was much of a challenge for them since it demanded some level of understanding.
“I think it has been a long way since 2010, initially there was some mistrust particularly in the informal sector because they would see insurance as a complicated services, and there are many explanations you need to read carefully.
 “Some of this customers are actually illiterate so it took a lot of time and education to really explain that there are some insurance product that are very simple and extremely easy  to claim,” Mr Gueroult said.

B-Health and B-Life policies
With B-Health policy, customers and family are entitled to unlimited access to qualified medical practitioners on the phone, cash support for purchasing drugs and cash payment of up to GH¢1,500 whenever they are admitted in the hospital.

B-Life policy also provides customers with financial assistance in terms of funerals expenses and loss of income as a result of permanent disability.

Customers could receive up to about GH¢10,000 payment when faced with such incidents.

In addition, customers who do not suffer any loss are rewared with a yearly cash-back to encourage them to continue contributing to their insurance  and to stay covered.

About BIMA
BIMA uses mobile technology to deliver affordable insurance and health products to underserved consumers and their families in emerging markets who cannot access these vital products through traditional channels.

BIMA’s technology platforms create a paperless experience and enables scale, while the agent force distributes products and provides customer education.

This tech-enabled approach is the key to BIMA’s growth, reaching 31 million subscribers in 15 markets across Africa, Asia and Latin America. BIMA proves that it is possible to service the underserved profitability and sustainably.