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The relevance of insurance in contemporary air travel

By: Mawuli Zogbenu

It is a truism that many people have come to a realisation that air travel remains the fastest means of travelling to any destination in the world.

Travelling by aeroplane for the first time is such a life-threatening experience for many people, as it is often filled with fear and anxiety. The taking-off of an aeroplane itself stirs up some inexplicable ‘chemicals’ in one’s inner being! The journey through the clouds with its accompanying occasional turbulence and the eventual announcement of ‘…please fasten your seat belts…’ as the plane prepares to touch down, is one that could ignite the ‘fear of the unknown.’

While the cruising itself is typically covered by aviation insurance, the other associated risks like illness, loss of life and/or luggage among several others are covered by travel insurance.

Travel insurance - Compulsory or necessary?
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