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Ericsson Mobility Report

By: Kester Korankye

In Q2 2018, the total number of mobile subscriptions was around 7.8 billion, with a net reduction of 13 million subscriptions globally. Global mobile penetration was 103 percent. Other interesting developments include: – Mobile subscriptions grew around 2 percent year-on-year. – China had the greatest net addition during the quarter (+37 million), followed by South Africa (+2 million), the Philippines (+2 million), Myanmar (+2 million) and Pakistan (+2 million). – In the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China and India), the number of subscriptions declined by 37 million. This was mainly due to the recent implementation of SIM card registration rules in Indonesia. – In India, the number of subscriptions has also declined by 37 million. This is likely due to the removal of inactive subscriptions following operator consolidation.The number of mobile broa