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Former Workers of UT, Capital bank demand psychological attention

By: Suad Yakubu
The dignitaries at the launch displaying the new document


Former workers of the defunct Capital and UT banks have called on the government to attend to the psychological needs of their members suffering from the trauma following the unexpected liquidation of their banks.

The group wants the government to scout for psychologists with the help of the Ghana Psychology Council (GPC) and dispatch them to the affected staff for assistance.

A release issued by the former workers said they had been left to their fate since August 2017 after the takeover of their respective banks with no financial, social, emotional or psychological support to hinge on.

“We would, therefore, like to recommend to the government to negotiate with psychologists and make the list available to our leadership so that affected staff across the country can visit these psychologists for free should they wish to,” the release stated.

 “We also call on the Ghana Psychology Council to be more proactive with advocacy efforts to promote the use of psychologists in corporate organisations. We will also encourage them to take up this discussion with the government on the way forward,” it said. 

Left alone

According to the release, after the collapse of the banks, former workers have suffered anxieties on a daily basis with no form of counselling and the silence of state agencies on their plight was a reflection of the kind of attention that the country and organisations pay to mental health issues.

“It has been 14 agonising months and some staff are still traumatised by the takeover of our respective banks and the sudden change in their living circumstances. 

After several months, we have not been able to shake that feeling of shock, despair, anxieties, low self-esteem amongst others,” the release said.

Exit pay still unpaid

It said although the former workers were promised an exit pay which formed only 10 per cent of the GH₵400 million recovered as per the Joint Receivers statement on October 9, 2018 after their lay off, they have not received any amount. 

As a result, they have had difficulties fending for themselves and their families.

They, therefore, plead for the intervention of appropriate authorities to ensure the release of their exit pay.

“We appeal once again to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo; the Vice Dr Mahmoud Bawumia, the Minister of Finance, Mr Ken Ofori-Atta, the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr Ernest Addison to intervene and release our exit pay from the monies recovered so far by the Joint Receivers,” the release stated.