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Chariots Delivery Service to support road accident victims

By: Ariel Awen

Chariot Delivery and Courier Service, a nationwide courier service provider, has partnered with the Road Accident Foundation (RAF) to increase sensitisation on road accidents in  the country.

The company is also supporting accident victims as part of its corporate social responsibility to cater for the poor, vulnerable and the sick, especially, accident victims who are impaired and have been restricted from moving about.

With this, the company will be setting aside some amount of money from proceeds from every service provided to support the initiative.

We have established ‘The Deliver to support’ campaign, which seeks to support road accident victims by donating an amount on delivery sales to the RAF annually.

“This initiative will go a long way to reduce road accident cases and periodically raise road safety awareness among the pubic,” the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, Mr Kaycey Ogbona, said at the official launch of the company in Accra.

According to him, he had observed that there was a continuous increase in the number of road accidents that occurred in the country, and noted that a concerted effort was needed to educate people on road safety measures.

“As a company that deals in courier services, road safety is one of our benchmarks to ensuring that people are educated on road safety to reduce the rate at which accidents occur on our roads,” he added.

Delivery business
Mr Ogbona assured clients and stakeholders of better service delivery despite the proliferation of many courier services.

As the first ever charity-driven courier, he said the company was aimed at providing excellent services and business solutions to societies and individuals which transacted business with it.

“The fast growing delivery and courier business in the country is spreading across, and serves as a source of job avenue  for a large percentage of jobless individuals, particularly the youth.

Mr Ogbona indicated that the courier and delivery businesses had given customers the luxury of buying items from the comforts of their homes, schools, hostels, hotel rooms, hospital wards, offices and any other place they ordered goods and services from, and having them delivered safely.

“What makes the Chariot Courier and Delivery service special is that we are a generous organisation. The courier service has taken into consideration the welfare of consumers and persons who have suffered from road accidents in one way or the other,” he added. — GB