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Support young entrepreneurs in the graphic design industry

By: Lucy Mensah
Mr Benjamin Bordoh
Mr Benjamin Bordoh

The Assistant Director of RANSART, a Graphic design firm,Mr Benjamin Bordoh has called  on the government and industry players to support young entrepreneurs in the graphic design industry.

According to him, the industry was one of the many enterprises which most of the youth engaged in as a full time occupation or to enhance creativity, however,  the sector, he added, was confronted with numerous challenges which could not be addressed by the industry without the help of the government.

He said that challenges such as mobilisation of initial capital for startups, inadequate publicity of the industry, high interest rate, high utility cost, unhealthy competitions, lack of legal backing and lack of government engagement with young entrepreneurs have affect the activities of the sector.

‘To operate a Graphic Designing firm, it requires a lot of money ranging between GH¢ 20,000 to 30,000 to start due to equipment  and materials needed.This amount I think is too much for the youth to raise for the establishment,” he said.

He ,however, explained that with the government’s support, as well as moderate terms of paying loans will help the youth in acquiring funds to start up the business.

These, he disclosed in an interview with GRAPHIC BUSINESS, stating that due to the worrying high unemployment rate in the country, most youth take up course like graphic designing with aim of setting up their own businesses.

He bemoaned how the country had made it impossible for these young entrepreneurs to venture into the business.

“With the help of government and Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) they will be enable to be self-employed without depending largely on the government for employment. This will also help reduce the brain-drain which is costing the country much losses with most of the youth going to foreign countries,” he said.

 He added that the activities of the sector, as any other sector, contributed much towards the gross domestic product (GDP), as well as socio-economic development of the country.

This, he said, was done through payment of direct and indirect taxes and payment of rents and bills.

The sector too trained youth who do not even have any form of formal education, he added.

‘’As part of our initiative to employ ourselves, most of us attended various technical universities to study professional course such as graphic design to enable us equip ourselves so as to be able to stand on our own after school, however, it is obvious that without the government’s intervention, these dreams would not be actualised, making a chunk of us becoming dependent on the government,” he indicated.

He has ,therefore, urge the government and NGOs not to compromise the activities of the sector and asked for a common fund to help the industry— GB