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Strive for excellence---KSM urges youth

By: Maclean Kwofi
Fruit Bay emerged winners of the ABSA Business Idea Pitch
Fruit Bay emerged winners of the ABSA Business Idea Pitch

Celebrated satirist and TV host Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) has encouraged the country’s youth to start making cautious efforts to strive to pursue excellence in life.

That, he said, should precede the creation of a resilient and a responsible system that would help change the worse situation inherited and further improve on it.

Addressing students of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) at an event to launch the Association of Business Administration Students (ABAS) Academic Excellence Awards (AEA) on Thursday, March 1 in Accra, Mr Sintim-Misa asked the youth not to follow the wrong footsteps of the previous generation.

“The status-quo paralyses have become a canker to the presumed future leaders, the youth following in the abysmal quest of their fathers and even doing worse by reducing the bar,” he lamented.

Inherited legacy
Mr Sintim-Misa observed that the responsibility of every generation was to ensure that whatever was inherited would be improved upon, further strive to make it better and hand over a better legacy to those coming after them.

“And when this happens systematically from generation to generation, the world will be a better place to live in. So if you want to strive for excellence, then you need to change the status quo.

“However, the situation in the country is different as the youth has adopted a habit of inheriting something and not only leaving it as it was inherited, but rather making it worse,” he observed.

He explained that because most generations inherited a more inferior legacy, it changed their psyche to the point that their present situation was normal for them. A situation, he said, was a danger for the present generation.

“When you start accepting the inferior legacy as a normal legacy, it is very dangerous because once you get into that mode, excellence will not be achieved,” he stated.

Mr Sintim-Misa, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sapphire Ghana Limited, said time management was very critical and must, therefore, be respected to be successful.

His views were corroborated by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of L’AINE Services Limited, a human resource solution provider in the country, Dr Ellen Hagan.

Build capacity for excellence
Dr Hagan mentioned that excellence preceded hard work and sacrifice “as every individual is entitled to succeed in life”.

“To be successful, an individual needs to access his or her situation and ascertain what direction to focus on, and this takes hard work and sacrifice to secure a better tomorrow,” she noted.

Speaking on the topic: “Capacity Building for Excellence”, ???Dr Hagan noted that the youth must go on harder in tough times and persevere for latter was greater the pain they presently goes through???. 

She emphasised that personal growth and development, as well as building capacity for excellence were essential to achieve excellence.

Awards scheme
The event was to announce winners of the ABAS Business Idea Pitch and to unveil the maiden ABAS Academic Excellence Awards (AEA). The awards scheme is meant to inspire and empower the generation to impact their society positively.

An initiative of ABAS of UPSA, the award seeks to promote excellence through the theme: “Awarding Innovation, Creativity and Excellence: Inspiring and Empowering the Next Generation”.

The Chairperson of the Awards Organising Committee, Mr Samuel Sasu Adonteng, said the excellence awards which sought to reward exceptional and outstanding student initiatives was slated for April 6 this year.

“The ceremony will also award some corporate persons who are contributing immensely to people and socio-economic development,” he added. –GB