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2018 Springboard roadshow launched - Targets one million participants

By: Emmanuel Bruce
Mr Kofi Dadzie
Mr Kofi Dadzie

The 2018 Springboard roadshow has been launched and the event, which has reached 150,000 participants within the last 11 years, has set an ambitious target of reaching one million participants this year.

It intends to achieve this target through the use of digital channels to reach individuals who may not be physically present at the event auditoriums.

The roadshow, which has been scheduled for February 10 to March 10, is being held on the theme: ‘leveraging strategy and technology’.

Launching the event on the Springboard, Your Virtual University, a radio programme on Joy FM, Rev. Albert Ocran said the 2018 roadshow would target anyone from any part of the country.

“In all the venues that we are going to, anyone can participate from anywhere in the country not just by watching but asking questions and engaging in real time,” he stated.

“Additionally, the ‘wow’ moments where we give out gifts will not just be for those in the venue but anyone from anywhere in the country can also get to win prizes,” he added.

Programme concept
Touching on the programme concept and design, Rev. Ocran said the same theme, which is leveraging strategy and technology’ would drive all the activities at all the venues.

He said some of the key things that the programme would capture include “strategy which is about how to plan, how to set goals, how to organise yourself towards a major thing you want to achieve, how to clarify your goals and how to craft an end you are trying to get to.”

“The second talk will be about technology and that will focus on how tech can enable the strategy and the third talk will about wealth creation; how to use the right strategy and technology to get rewards,” he explained.

“These are the three pillars and in every city and every event, these three talks will be held,” he pointed out.

He said there would also be a colloquium where people from anywhere in the country can ask questions and share ideas.

Event calendar
Rev. Ocran indicated that this year’s roadshow would be held in four zonal areas.

The northern belt event comes off on February 10 in Tamale, whiles the middle belt event is scheduled for February 17 in Kumasi.

The western belt comes off on March 3 in Cape Coast, with the global convocation taking place at the National theatre in Accra on March 10.

The Chief Executive Officer of Rancard Solutions, Mr Kofi Dadzie, touching on the theme for the roadshow said strategy was about how one could build a plan to increase his/her chances of getting the desired outcome.

“When I think of strategy, I think about two things and they are the fact that resources are scarce and that competition is inevitable. Whether on a personal basis or from a corporate perspective, you will never have absolute resources to meet everything you want to do and there is always going to be somebody out there who has ideas similar to yours and has the facilities to implement them so if you look at strategy, these are the two things that compel you to build one,” he stated.

“It is often about winning something,” he added.

He said one of the approaches that was encouraged in strategy was the fact that it a learning process.

“Strategy is about learning, where you develop a process by which you are experimenting, taking feedback and adapting,” he noted.

“It is perfectly fine to set very big goals because you will give yourself the chance of trying ways to achieve them and it would also give you the opportunity to learn from your errors,” he explained further.

He added that “strategy itself recognises that it is not about a perfect plan but a learning method that gets you to your goal.”

Who can benefit from the roadshow
Commenting on individuals who stand to benefit from the 2018 roadshow, Mr Dadzie said the people who would benefit are those who are aspirational, ambitious, hungry and have a sense of purpose.

He said the sense of purpose was very fundamental because one had to care about something in life.

“You are going to get tired and fatigued, you are going to run out of resources and you will discouraged. This is why you need something underneath to push you and that the sense of purpose,” he indicated.

“You must have a desire beyond your circumstances and it is these kind of people who are going to tap into the basket of rich knowledge that this year’s springboard will bring,” he said.

Digital engagement
Touching on how effective digital engagements are, he said they were full of possibilities.

“If the platform is right, you have good dissemination and the content is rich, then it will go viral,” he stated.

“With a platform such as Facebook live, your content will go viral if it is rich,” he added.

He said there were three things that came to mind as far as engagements are concerned.

He said these were connecting, interacting and exchanging values.