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‘Solutions’ airs on TV3 ----Public embraces the Helpsation concept

By: Daniel Ofosu Dwamena
Roselyn Ngissag (left) as Eno Mercy, portrating her repelling customer relations in the drama.
Roselyn Ngissag (left) as Eno Mercy, portrating her repelling customer relations in the drama.

Ground-breaking drama series, “Solutions” which seeks to educate and orient small and medium-scale enterprises, as well as potential entrepreneurs has started airing on TV3, with the public embracing its help station concept.

The series, which is being championed by inGenius Africa, a TV and film production house, in collaboration with the Premium Bank has been running on the screens of TV 3 since the first week of December 2017.

 With majority of the country’s working force falling under the informal sector, the series seek to educate and sensitise the SMEs, using the electronic media.

In an interview with some young and potential entrepreneurs who have developed the habit of watching the drama, they confirmed the business benefits they derive from the drama.

Some of the viewers who shared their experiences with the GRAPHIC BUSINESS said the series had exposed them to some elements that have helped their businesses.

One of the viewers, Mr Edmund Boamah Acheampong said “first of these elements is branding of whatever venture or service which makes it different from similar services on the market. This puts the business on top when it comes to competition.”

He also noted that utmost customer relation was one of major business etiquette the drama showed.

He made reference to “Mama Kandy’s” unique customer relations which attracted lots of people to her food venture as opposed to the fruit vendor’s repelling customer relations.

Mr Acheampong, during the discussion after the episode, said the section further gave additional insight into the drama that moved it from an entertaining realm to a business-oriented one.

“Getting in touch with top business experts and entrepreneurs on trending ways of marketing, branding and customer relations makes rendering of the entrepreneur's venture easy since trends change every second in this age,” he added.

Evaluating the appropriateness and how the drama has influenced SME operations in the country, Mr Acheampong indicated that those already operating businesses would adopt and adapt to some of the things that made the difference in business operations.

Another astute devoted fun of the drama who was interviewed by the paper, Mr Michael Obeng Otaah, also commented on the Helpstation concept which was discussed after every series, saying that the resource persons gave more in-depth analysis of what the drama could provide.

“This is so beneficial to those of us who wish to operate our own businesses though without enough capital to start. We have learnt how to present our business plan to lobby for long-term loans with flexible payment policies and low interest rates.” He stated.

He, however, suggested that as the drama progressed, more of other entrepreneurs who rendered other services that did not deal much with tangible products such as Mama Sweet's, the fruit vendor and Mr Mensah’s shito should also be introduced.

“We could have a look into how such service providers aside from these people also work and special ethics required,’’ he added.

Development of the economy
Also speaking in an interview with the paper, the Executive Producer of the drama, Mr Kwame Boadi said the development of the country’s economy could be boosted if factors that hindered SMEs, such as limited access to business development services, absence of business documentation or records, access to financial services, limited market information, and limited use to ICT to enhance business operations, were removed through crafted dramas which those in the informal sector could easily relate with.

Recap of the drama
SOLUTIONS opens with a statement from Kofi Ghana, the protagonist, listing some of the important elements that one needs to consider when establishing a business.

He said: “Your business does not exist if you do not have a business certificate – you cannot open a bank account, register for Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), help our country develop through taxes and enjoy the many opportunities available for registering businesses.’’

Kofi, who is an entrepreneur himself, goes to the appropriate authorities and registers his business so that it could be reorganised.

He further goes to the Premium Bank, the bank with special affinity to small and medium – scale enterprises (SMEs), to open an account and to the Ghana Revenue Authority to pay tax in the name of his business consultancy.

The series, which is at the sixth episode, has identified various challenges that the SME sector faced in the country and possible ways of addressing them.

The drama has progressed from the establishment of Kofi’s business consultancy and the Helpstation with a lot of people flooding in for business advice.

For instance, a fashion designer who wishes to expand her shop, sought assistance from Kofi’s consultancy who in turn introduced her to the premium bank for funds.

Mr Mensah likewise has got a long-term loan from the Premium Bank to expand his Shito business after the consultancy has helped him prepare a strong business plan and a promising financial statement for his company.

Change of telecast date
The producer wishes to inform the general public that the drama which was shown on Wednesdays will now show on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m.

 The drama is followed with a 30-minute discussion with seasoned entrepreneurs and business experts who dissect the drama and bring out the various elements that help to shape the business model of every venture one wants to enter into._GB