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BTA comes alive with new programmes

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Afua Atta Yorke — Head of Production
Afua Atta Yorke — Head of Production

Locally owned Business Television Africa (BTA) has unveiled its new face with the introduction of rebranded programmes meant to advance its cause of promoting businesses.

All the programmes aired on the station, a subsidiary of the Groupe Ndoum conglomerate, has been rebranded and enriched with content to keep the business community abreast of current economic and financial policies. 

From its morning show through to other programmes such as Business Clinic, E-Biz, Entrepreneur’s Corner, the CEO’s Chair, Ghana’s Economy: Kwame’s thoughts and GN Files, viewers will now be equipped with the right information to ensure growth and survival of their businesses.

This is in line with its vision of providing quality business programmes,; being innovative and using technology to advance the Ghanaian/African dream of prosperity and high quality life.

“After the unfortunate fire incident, we decided to rebrand the channel and hit the screens with a bang. We sought to re-brand and re-package the channel and its programmes,” a presentation from the company said.

Rebranded programmes

- Morning Show now Business Day
The station’s morning show is now known as Business Day. It has segments touching on local news, news from Africa and the rest of the world.

From its starting time to 10 a.m., viewers are exposed to daily business news, investment information on where people can invest based on the previous day’s stock trading, social basket.

The social basket is a quick three to five minutes feature exposing some bad practices. Invariably some of these practices tend to affect businesses and lead to lack of investor confidence), for example the indiscriminate dumping of refuse, poor drainage systems, reckless driving on our roads and stationary faulty vehicles on our roads, etc. 

The Big Business Issue segment looks at trending economic/financial issues and is preceded by a five to seven minutes feature that is related to the subject being discussed on the Big Business Issue.

Also featuring on the Business Day is the GN Documentary which is a daily one hour documentary on Groupe Nduom companies at the end of the show, including Open Day at NSB&T;  Today Lecture Series; BTA Business Summit, Groupe Nduom investments in Liberia; GN Foundation meeting at NSB&T, etc.

Policy Desk replaces
Big Business Issue

The Policy Desk is aired on Wednesdays and the programme looks at government policies and those in charge of formulating and implementing them. 

Previously, the show had only resource persons discussing such policies but the focus is now on the people put in place to manage these policies and asks a simple question: Who is in charge?

The station has done documentaries on the environment (galamsey), housing & roads, fishing, agriculture, ports, etc. 

Parts of these documentaries will be played before the Policy Desk discussion while the full documentary will be played in the evening of that Wednesday at 8 p.m. and a repeat of the documentary on Saturdays at 3 p.m.

The focus on the environment on the big business issue is as a result of the importance of it to development and economic growth.

Business clinic

This is mainly a segment for business start-ups. It focuses on topics related to the legal requirements or implications of business start-ups, considers the processes and practices involved and what was essential for every business start-up: the human and capital needs. 

It also looks at how to raise funds, how to maintain the business and mentorship and how to break the myths surrounding start-ups.

The programme, hosted by  Barbara Brown of GN Legal on Tuesdays at 8 p.m., also looks at record keeping and how to maintain credibility in business.

The Business Clinic also focuses on some existing SMEs, their progress, challenge and how to earn a breakthrough.

Ghana’s Economy:
Kwame’s thoughts

This programme covers a wide range of economic issues from Ghana’s debts, critique of the current Ghanaian economy, government economic policies and its implications on financial institutions, industries, the private sector and the ordinary Ghanaian.

It also touches on the national budget and how feasible its objectives can be achieved. Other issues are the size of government, effect of public wage bill on Ghana’s economy, whether the private sector is really the engine of growth; how public and private sectors can work to ensure growth of the country’s economy and trending or current economic issues such as interest rates and borrowing and lending.

The E-Biz programme looks at the business side of entertainment, the current state of the Ghanaian Creative Industry.

It also looks at institutions in the movie and music Industry; the School of Performing Arts, the Centre for National Culture, etc. as well as the people/personnel in charge.

Issues up for discussion include the infrastructure base of the industries, motivation for younger generation to get into creative arts, whether the industry and its players are getting the right attention and why the Ghanaian creative industry is not vibrant.

The show would also focus on the economic status of the creative players as compared to their counterparts in others countries and whether that could be the reason why some of Ghana’s finest artistes and movie stars are re-locating to Nigeria. 

It is hosted by Nana Yaa Kamako on Saturdays at 1p.m.

Entrepreneur’s Corner
This programme is aired on Sundays at 3 p.m. and it plays edited versions of Dr Nduom’s Power Talk Series on entrepreneurship.

It is a one on one interview with managers of Groupe Nduom subsidiaries and airs on Tuesdays at 2 p.m.

The CEO’s Chair
On the CEO’s Chair, discussions with top business and industry personalities are held at 8 p.m. on Saturdays and the main idea is to attract sponsorships or adverts.

Generating revenue
BTA intends to generate revenue through sponsorship of the Business Clinic and the CEO Chair programmes.

Members of Start Up Club 100 who are appearing on the Business Clinic have agreed to pay for their appearance on the show.

The CEO Chair is starting with the Female  CEO Club mainly to get them to appreciate that they are recognised. Hopefully, the company can earn some business from these businesses.

Quality programming
BTA aims at using its channel to promote Ghanaian/African entrepreneurs, enterprises, professionals, market men and women and the general business community. 

Through its quality programming, it seeks to inspire a new generation of successful business people to ensure competitive and growth of Ghanaian/African businesses and to bring to the attention of the business communities, industry captains and senior business executives the dangers, as well as the opportunities, inherent in our business environment.

It does this by offering analytical programmes and business documentaries that will help decision makers within the business space to make the right business choices/decisions.

Why you should watch BTA
BTA is currently beating the competition with its business and people centred new programmes.

The documentaries do not only highlight business challenges and opportunities but also exposes societal ills while the company’s magazine programmes deal with industry and other business players.

BTA hopes to promote its programmes in leading business newspapers and will also promote the channel on other GN media platforms nationwide.

Operation space
The BTA Channel is free to air on digital television and satellite, with its immediate audience been primarily in Ghana and the rest of Africa. It is also available on the FD Mobile.